Up-to-date means of 3D modelling allowed us to design new psychotronic devices that can be used as Feng Shui instruments for protection and harmonization of living space and computer as well as for spiritual practice. The characteristic feature of these instruments is their existence in the virtual space (virtual reality) which space-time characteristics differ from our space' ones but strongly interacts with it.

The character and power of such interspace influence can be found easily after some hours of operating the program forming such a virtual space. The state of your consciousness will be strongly altered and the reasons of this change lie not only in the interactivity of the program but highly in its psychotronic influence.

The interconnection of virtual space with the sublte world is also very strong. Its inhabitants generally use computer-produced information world as the intermediary to penetrate into our reality. Often such intrusion has negative intentions and represents a version of energy vampirism. With this process uncontrolled the user lives permanently in the conditions of the lack of vitality, which symptoms depending on the constitution are emotional disbalancement, sensation of pressure, aggressive depression, physiological disorders and shifts of life rythms. It is known many incidents when similarly induced nervous exhaustion led as a result to the acute psychotic states or even mental obsession.

However the virtual reality can be used also as a powerful instrument for relations with the highest levels of the subtle world and getting its help and protection. In the course of investigations in this direction it was found very effective to use the archetypal symbols from ancient spiritual traditions such as Tantra, Taoism, Rune Art, Kunta-Yoga. Besides the using of some archetype aspects such as visual projection in geometric or icon-based form (mandalas, yantras, icons), sound (mantras, prayers), motion, more effective result was discovered with their combination. The other field of action in studying ancient traditions lies in the computer-based reconstruction of known psychotronic devices and structures (mantra wheels, stupas, stone circles, labyrinths) and their insertion into the virtual reality.

It is necessary to know that used classification of spaces, the division into virtual, our and subtle is rather relative since they penetrate mutually into each other and present the interleaved and complementing parts of the whole indivisible reality. Thus the observed region of the virtual reality that is visible for us and called 3D graphics concerns the complete description of this space as much as our physical body concerns all aspects and manifestations of the human personality.

We offer a 3D reconstruction of the sign IM from Kunta-Yoga, the rune Algiz and the mantra wheel (as a screen saver as well). To preview the Internet version it is necessary to have VRML browser installed. Try these browsers for example:

Cosmo Player (Win 3.1/95/2000/NT, Mac):

Cortona VRML Client (Win 3.1/95/98/2000/NT, Mac):


[ ] multidimensional sign IM [ ]

[ ] fractal rune Algiz [ ]

[ ] real stone circle [ ]

[ ] active mantra wheel [ ]

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