The Fund for Ecology and Feng Shui organized the expedition to the Baikal lake. The main purpose of the trip was to study traditions of local shamanism, hold seminars in Celtic labyrinths and harmonize the power places of the Baikal region.

The expedition took place in one of the most beautiful places of our planet. The Baikal lake is famous as the biggest lake in the world containing over 25% of planet's fresh water and wonderful landscapes. The island Olkhon was chosen as the main camp for the expedition. This place attracts attention of researchers in archaeology and ethnography as many sites connected with shaman ritual are located here. The members of our expedition have visited them.

One of such sites is known as Shaman Rock. It ends with a very picturesque cape Bourkhan where an ancient cave is situated. It was here where an ancient sacred shaman place dated back to the period of neolit had been found. It is possible to notice an image of the shaman painted with mineral paints and preserved until nowadays. Later a Buddhist temple was here. And then the image of St.Nicolas appeared in it. It was very interesting for us to sense polar energies of this place. We experienced the feeling of horror in its northern part, while its southern part seemed to be a kingdom of peace, light and love. In the result of computer scanning of the site we got Kalachakra mandala, which had come to the earth from Shambala according to a legend.

During the seminar we developed methods for harmonization of biosphere and noosphere based on ancient shaman traditions from different corners of our planet, including Siberian and northern American shaman's and Celtic magician's practices. In our activity we used methods of working in altered states of consciousness during which we contacted with our colleagues from different regions of our planet and worked together with them. Besides we adopted methods of ancient Celtic labyrinth magic to our modern conditions for harmonization and balancing landscape energies and communication with energetic streams of our planet. We also applied landscape Feng Shui for this purpose.

One of our tasks was to restore destroyed energetic and informational links between the places of power on our planet. At the same time operation with labyrinths in such surprising place of power as lake Baikal helped and in a solution of our personal problems, bound with a stress coping and fatigue, working with psychotraumas, spiritual growth, activation of life energies. All in all we have built seven labyrinths including magic Celtic and desert Naska labyrinths.

We are planning to organize similar expeditions to different places of Russia with wild nature and hold seminars in transpersonal ecological camps. This trip was our first experience. Although conditions of life during the expedition were far from being comfortable everybody will remember this trip for a long time. Finally we would like to express our gratitude to the vice-president of the Fund Olga Kapitonova and Marina Goriatcheva who did much in order the trip was so splendid.

The scientific director of expedition,
the president of Fund for Ecology and Feng Shui
Evgueny Faidysh