Without illusions

The only way out of this increasing crisis is coming back to our roots, to the ancient esoteric knowledge, accumulated over thousands of years. However an attempt to delay all modern achievements and technosphere around us would be a mistake. Our task is to unify all this. One of the elements of such unification is adaptation of the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and other geomantic traditions to conditions of modern life and the world around us. It is namely adaptation, but not a blind imitation of ancient methods in the new changed world. The “New Age” experience showed that such a blind imitation would bring nothing except profanation.

The raise of the interest to geomancy in western countries is not a surprise. All of us experience serious problems with our vitality, we need a success and luck. However the main part of publications on this subject simplify the traditional chinese Feng Shui so much that it seems to have nothing except bells, fish tanks and mirrors at it’s disposal. Such “New Age” Feng Shui is far from being effective. Even those few books which were written by professionals are not quite usable in modern conditions. The matter is that there were neither electronic nor electric devices which we have at home today when the Feng Shui tradition appeared. But all these things influence the psychoenergy of our home and office. The traditional Feng Shui simply does not work without taking into consideration of such technosphere.

The Feng Shui of modern means of transportation, cars, roads and highways needs special considering.

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