Computer and TV play-stations can influence Feng Shui much stronger than a TV-set. First of all it is connected with the fact that sitting in front of the TV-set you play a rather passive spectator's role while you actively interact with the computer. This makes psychoenergetic effects more significant. Besides, a modern home computer is an incomparably more complicated informational system than a TV-set. It has wider opportunities for contacts with the world of spirits, subtle reality. Internet makes computer a more wider "door" than TV-set.

As a vital energy generator video-monitor with its cathode-ray tube reminds of TV-set to a great extent. Yet, you sit much closer to it, hence, the influence made upon you is more intense. The system box also has many sources of psychotronic radiation. These are the microprocessor itself, hard and floppy drives where high-speed electric engines (sources of torsion fields) are used etc. If you use a notebook, its liquid crystal display creates much more intense chi stream, which makes its psychotronic influence greater.

All this explains the necessity of paying to a computer a special attention while making Feng Shui. Firstly, all means of protection and correction should be used. Those are protective screen, absorbing crystals, transformators, signs and mandalas.

One should also use a trigram of a house or flat and appropriate rooms and their sides defined by this trigram to find the right place for a computer. Nevertheless, the direction of the screen should be chosen on the basis of the owner's trigram. It has to correspond with one of the four good directions. In other words, operating the computer, you should face one of your good directions. Naturally, there cannot be any geopathologic lines and especially tangles in the place where the computer is located. If any other place cannot be found some methods of geopathologic zones relocation and protection against them are to be used.

Although computer in some way works as a door or a mirror (as a subtle passage) and a fireplace (chi generator), it, up to a great extent, is a living being and it is important to treat it as a family member. Naturally, the way the computer influences your family strongly depends on a spirit connected with it. That is why it is essential to create in the computer such information space, which attracts fair subtle beings and frightens away parasitic spirits. Certainly, it can be fully done only by a professional. They take into account computer's birthday, the sequence of the software installed, owner's psycho-energetic image, use work in altered states of consciousness. Still, some simplest methods are available to everyone.

First of all the place for the computer should be prepared and purified from negative energies. This can be done with the help of flash, ultraviolet lamp, high-voltage discharge, a mixture of incenses and gunpowder, blank shots, purification with candle's flame, aromas etc. If this place used to be occupied by something negative some absorbing substances can be added, for example finely chopped garlic, and then malachite (all these means are also good for a TV-set).

It is equally important to create a favourable and well protected environment around the computer. This can be achieved by placing near its screen and system box sacred images (icons, mandalas), amulets, magic mirrors, mantra wheels, crystals etc. It is better to match different means: protective, absorbing and frightening away negative forces strengthening the contact with higher spiritual levels.

The next very important issue is connected with inner computer environment. The principle of similarity or information resonance works here. In other words, images, pictures, scenes, archetypes stored in the computer memory attract similar information structures (spirits) from subtle space. If the computer memory contains a lot of violent games, pornography, the presence of a spirit-parasite is guaranteed. And conversely, sacred icons, mandalas, prayers, mantras kept in the computer memory used in multimedia, screen savers etc. tune the computer on the contact with higher levels and ensure their maintenance and good influence on Feng Shui of your home. Among others, good effects are given by fractal mandalas based on Kunta Yoga signs. It is generally better to use archetypal images, the closest to the ancient tradition. Such mandalas (coloured ones are better) can be scanned and putted into the computer memory. However, images of wrathful deities are not recommended for this purpose, for the work with them demands the good knowledge of the tradition.

Naturally, sacred images, which are not simply stored in the computer memory but which appear on the screen and move on it are the most efficient (according to Feng Shui the movement activates streams of chi and gives life to the sacred image, making it more active). That is why the simplest way of such activation is using screen savers with a set of sacred images (the same image, used permanently, can gradually exhaust and decrease its efficiency). Our experiments proved that a very good effect is given by three-dimensional movement of geometric forms connected with five primary elements (it's better if they are semitransparent or frame-like) with a mandala as the background. The effect gets even stronger if the trajectory of their movement also forms some archetypal shapes.

Nowadays, in our laboratories we develop a computer program that will protect computer inner space from dangerous subtle beings and harmonize its energy. It turns computer into a generator and an activator of nourishing shen-chi streams able to significantly improve the energy of your place. The program will be delivered with several mandalas and archetypal signs sets. At the present moment we can offer a screen saver, fulfilling the same tasks.

One should be especially careful while working in the Internet. As we have already said, in this case computer becomes a door open to other spheres of physical, virtual and subtle spaces. Certainly, the first rule is a prevention, i.e. minimizing contacts with sites, presenting violence, pornography and other destructive things. Secondly, during your work in the net there should be some pieces of malachite between you and the monitor, you can also use protective resonator and place protective signs and mandalas by the screen. When the work is over purify the place with the smoke of aromas and cover the screen with the protective sign (make a mental projection of IM or Algiz rune or draw them, using the laser ray of energy knife mudra). When the computer is turned off do not forget to put the protective screen on it.

So if you use your computer the proper way it not only will not make the energy of your place worse but can even improve it and become an efficient Feng Shui instrument.