From Feng Shui point of view, a modern TV-set is simultaneously a vital energy generator, a powerful modulator of chi streams and, finally, a subtle channel, a door connecting your home with the other parts of space (both physical and subtle).

One can easily experience the influence of this generator. Remove the antenna and turn the TV-set on, choose the channel without sound and image — you will feel the chi stream generated by the screen. You can use mechanical (frame or pendulum) or biodetectors (your pets or plants) to recognise the quality of "TV" chi better. If you direct the screen of the working TV-set on a sleeping dog or cat they will feel worse after a short period of time. If you do the same with plants they will fade much quicker than the same ones placed in the other part of the room. 40-60 minutes are enough to get visible effects.

This proves that TV-generated chi is rather far from favourable shen-chi. Yet, some information modulation emanating from the TV-set can be even more destructive. It influences not only "TV" chi but also makes worse all chi streams circulating in your flat. That is also easy to see. Choose a channel with a lots of advertising or soap opera and use the same means to detect chi qualities. You will realize that this destructive influence became much stronger.

There is one more simple way to see how the TV-set influences Feng Shui of your home. Turn it on again and choose a channel with a large amount of advertising. Then leave the flat without switching the TV-set off for about an hour. When you are back you will immediately feel that the energy of your place got worse, you will feel sleepy, retarded, your mood will get low — these are symptoms of the lack of vital energy.

However, a TV-set can also create a good modulation of vital energy. If you use videotape with some nice views of nature, animals, good music program etc. all detector means will show sudden improvement of the chi quality. It is better to use the tape, for even good TV-programs and films are interrupted by advertising.

The destructiveness of pure advertising can be also easily proved. You can make a record of it and then test it by any of the means described above. In the same way you can check the influence of a play station on your flat's Feng Shui and on those who live there.

However, you would better not make any experiments with subtle beings, which are able to enter your flat through the TV-set. Use all protection and prevention means instead. In that respect the most dangerous situation can occur when one falls asleep in front of the active TV-set. Possible consequences are well described in the famous Spillberg's "Poltergaste-1".

So, how to minimize eventual harmful influence of the TV-set and TV programs and strengthen to the maximum its favourable influence on Feng Shui? We will examine several levels of such correction. First of all, one should remember that the TV-set works as a door or a mirror. Hence, the choice of the proper place and screen direction is extremely important.

It is better to place your TV-set in one of four good directions according to the house's trigram. In other words, it is better if the TV-set is placed in the room influenced by one of good energies in the corner also corresponding with one of these energies. Its screen also should be properly directed according to your house's trigram. All this will create proper conditions for more favourable TV-set's influence on Feng Shui.

Besides, with the help of a TV-set one can strengthen any of eight cardinal directions archetypes to activate and improve corresponding aspect of your life. Nevertheless, remember that the features of the TV-set's energy are close to fire energy, for the electric emanation is a result of the fire element) and, therefore, be careful in the case of cardinal directions connected with metal.

It is also better not to place the TV-set in your bedroom. Firstly, its radiation and information modulation make the energy of your bedroom worse. Secondly, the risk to fall asleep in front of the working TV-set increases. Thirdly, the subtle channel, which remains even when the TV-set, itself, is already turned off, can suck the energy out and leave the entrance for dangerous beings while you are asleep. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment then try not to watch TV at least during the last two hours before you go to bed. And use the whole range of protective means.