Mantra Wheel Screen Saver. Version 1.2. November 2000.

There are special devices designed in ancient times to purify and harmonise informational sphere of our planet. For instance, mantra wheels that have been used by Tibetans for many centuries. They consist of a hollow cylinder that rotates around its axis. The size of such cylinder may vary from few centimetres to several meters. Tibetans carry small mantra wheels with them, causing rotation by subtle movements of a hand. Wheels which are bigger in size are installed near temples and other religious constructions. Besides, they might be located in distant areas, faraway from human settlements. Their rotation is caused by wind or water power of nearby streams. Such mantra wheels are connected to a small turbine and will go non-stop 24 hours a day. It is necessary to mention that all mantra wheels rotate clockwise.

According to Tibetans rotating mantra wheels generate certain energy which harmonises and purifies the environment. That is the reason why they are so popular in Tibet. Of course the materialistic science regarded all stories about beneficial impact of mantra wheels as a stupid prejudice. Still, new discoveries of modern physics allow us to reconsider this presumption. Recent researches of so-called torsion fields (these fields are generated from rotation of large objects of a cylindrical and cone shape, etc.) showed that they definitely exert biological, as well as physical and chemical influence upon environment. Moreover, now we can make a statement that a completely new kind of physical fields has been discovered and these fields are closely related to a phenomenon of spin polarisation of physical vacuum.

So, it is quite clear that numerous mantra wheels in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and other countries are doing right now a very important job of harmonising and purifying invisible energy fields, a component part of the planetary biosphere. In other words, mantra wheels are special ecological devices that we can describe as "entropy pumps". They reduce chaos, disorganisation of our environment.

Still, these ancient devices contain a number of know-hows that are missing in modern spin and torsion fields generators. In the first place, these are mantras that are used as modulators of spin and torsion fields. The exact type of a mantra determines how generators affect environment. In other words, the effect depends on informational factor of radiation (that is modulated by a semantic structure of a mantra) and not its power. This screen saver is inspired by the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM.


System Requirements.

Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000.
Microsoft DirectX 6.0 (or later version).
A color monitor with 256 or more colors card.

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