Certification workshops on Feng Shui:

1. Basics of Feng Shui and geomancy.
2. Feng Shui of natural and urban landscape.
3. Professional Feng Shui.

The basic knowledge on Feng Shui and geomancy are given during three-day certification workshops, including lectures, practice, training, work in the altered states of consciousness, demonstration of video materials. The primary module consists of three workshops.

ancient art of attraction of positive vital energy
the first workshop

Since the very ancient times vital energy (chi, prana) has been believed to ensure success, prosperity and health. Different schools of Feng Shui and geomancy has taught the art of directing of appropriate streams of vital energy. For example, Chinese and Tibetan Feng Shui traditions are about seven thousands years old.

However, now they experience their second birth all over the world, being enriched with the discoveries of the modern science. Feng Shui advisers work for English Royal family, pope John Paul II, the biggest firms and banks. You will get reed of many troubles and illnesses and discover the way to happiness and health by harmonizing the streams of Chi at your home or office with the help of the modern geomancy. The workshop program includes:

The aim of the workshop is to present basic methods without which the practical use of Feng Shui and geomancy in daily life is impossible. That is first of all calculation of personal good and harmful energetic streams for a person on the basis of his or her date of birth and other personal data and also the calculation of the Chi streams in the house measured by the special Feng Shui compass. The appropriate interior is created on this basis.

The workshop participants will also learn:

the second workshop

This workshop is devoted to studying ancient Chinese and Tibetan methods of choice of the appropriate place for a house or office in urban and natural landscape, ways of strengthening positive energies and correction of possible harmful influences. The great attention is paid to variable technogenic objects of the modern landscape and analysis of their influence on the streams of vital energy and Feng Shui. The workshop program includes:

Besides the participants will learn to make and use in practice ancient Celtic stone mazes, Tibetan mantra wheels and other gadgets, correcting the energy of the place, improving its influence on its dwellers.

the third workshop

Participants should be previously trained and be acquainted to the basic principles of Feng Shui. The workshop is devoted to the deeper study on theory and practice of the ancient tradition. The participants will learn a more complicated and effective method of calculation of positive and negative energetic streams in the house, their correction — the method of Nine Palaces (Stars). It is a basis of professional Feng Shui practice and uses special numerology of color, including main laws of Chinese bioenergy. In China it is said that "if one understands the principles of work of eight trigrams and Nine Palaces one will unveil the mysteries of the universe".

This method allows to take into account the influence of year, month and even daily rhythms on the energy at home, calculate how the location of positive and negative places changes during the year and interacts with dwellers' biorhythms. On this basis the appropriate interior of a flat or office is created with the maximal use of the landscape energetic resources. Other points of the program are:


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